Poppin' Pink Pizza Anemone - SPS Coral
Indo/West Pacific Ocean
Phytoplankton, Rotifers, Baby Artemia, Marine Algae
Low to High
  Water Flow:
Medium to High
Ease of Care:
Moderately easy. Just needs a bit of patience.
  Special Requirements and Information:
Sometimes called "Chalice" or "Cup" corals, Echino are normally very placid but can produce stinging tentacles or skin sensitivity. Since they don't require bright light, and can be placed in shadows. However, high lighting can produce spectacular color results, such as in this beauty. Begin low in the tank until they become acclimated and then move them where you want.
Feed anytime during the day. Once they're accustomed to your tank, they can be introduced to frozen foods such as chopped blood worms, artemia or squid. Place the defrosted food directly over the Echino polyps.

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