Pacific Aqua Farms Arrive Alive Policy
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Pacific Aqua Farms is a business, but we are a business that deals with living animals; as such, the health and well-being of those animals always comes first. Nonetheless, despite careful packaging and state-of-the-art shipping procedures, a certain amount of mortality is an unavoidable reality. Dead on arrival (DOA) is generally less than 5 % for our shipments, and, for this reason, we ask the customer to absorb the first 5% of invoice value for DOA losses.

In the event you have DOA above 5 % (or any other issues), the best procedure is to e-mail us within 24 hours and include a picture as an attachment. If you can’t e-mail us, please call or fax us (still within 24 hours), and be sure to document the problem with a photograph; a full DOA report must include photo documentation in order for us to apply credit on your next invoice. Your business and the health and well-being of the animals you purchase are very important to us, and we will gladly review any issues you might have so that we can work together toward resolution.

Please note that our Arrive Alive Guarantee applies under the following conditions:
* Shipment must have been picked up from the airport in a timely fashion.
* The flight must have been a direct flight for the Arrive Alive Guarantee to apply.
* Non- direct or connecting flights are not covered.
* The flight must not have been delayed. DOA caused by delayed flight or
* negligence/mishandling by the carrier (evidenced by outer box damage) should be
* directed to the carrier.
* Please verify that these conditions were met before submitting a DOA report. Our
* Arrive Alive Guarantee is non-negotiable and is subject to change without notice.
* All sales are final.


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