Pacific Aqua Farms Jakarta Stations
Pacific Aqua Farms works with several suppliers in Jakarta, each with a
particular specialty. By using several small suppliers we can supply premium stock
from many different locations throughout Indonesia.
Our two main suppliers ship us animals weekly, one specializes in corals
and the other in Java area fishes. Our coral supplier has one of the newest and most
modern facilities in Jakarta. They work closely with PAF to keep up with the most
recent trends and requests which insures good availability of popular items.

Our divers maintaining and charting the growth of our coral farm. Continuous care and observation allows our corals healthy growth for you, our customers.

Coral and Fish from Jakarta
Some close-ups of our unusual livestock. Click on the smaller photo for a larger image.

Aquaculture & Livestock 
Our Aquaculture procedures are the finest in the world. Click on the smaller photo for a larger image.

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